Excursions to various beaches and bays

Beautiful beaches and paradisiacal bays are abundant in the El Limon region. Again and again the "most beautiful dream beach" is reported. But which one is the most beautiful? But there is no real answer. Every visitor will have his own opinion and find his very individual dream spot.

Hiking tours

Hiking and/or walking is possible at any time and absolutely recommendable. Just discuss with your tour guide what impressions you want to experience, what distance and how long, as well as how strenuous it may or should be.

Partying and Dancing

The Dominicans party with pleasure and extensively. Lively, loud and cheerful.

esides Western pop music, the local music styles Bachata, Merengue and Salsa dominate.

Sightseeing tour of El Limon

To give you a first impression of your holiday destination, we would like to introduce you to the centre of El Limon. All goals are within walking distance. In close proximity to the apartments you will find a multitude of restaurants, small grocery stores or even dance halls.

Sightseeing with a moped (1)

Sometimes it is just nice not to have planned the day, but simply to move from one point to another. So we should go on a motorized discovery tour together with a tour guide. Behind every curve, after every hill, there is something new to discover.

Sightseeing with a moped (2)

On a slightly cloudy morning I had breakfast with our tour guide Jose-Miguel. We didn't really know what to do, so we enjoyed a cigar. Jose-Miguel asked me about the quality of German cigars. Unfortunately I don't know anything about cigars, so I couldn't tell you much worth knowing.

Tour to the famous waterfall El Limon

Every description does not do justice to reality. In fact, you have to see the Salto El Limon yourself, and you have to feel it yourself while swimming in the pool at the foot of the waterfall. Experience and enjoy this unforgettable natural spectacle.

Walk along the Rio El Limon

The Rio El Limon flows from the waterfall through the village El Limon to flow into the Atlantic Ocean at the beach.

We decided to explore the Rio El Limon downstream on a warm, sunny day. Our neighbour Arturo offered himself as a tour guide.

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